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The National Technological Festival of Higher Institutes of Technological Studies

Investing in technological innovation, in an economy that wants to be dynamic and job-creating, inevitably requires the creativity of its young people. These should provide a window of opportunity for the economy to benefit from a significant number of individuals at the peak of their productive and creative capacity.

Admittedly, creativity is an essential but insufficient factor in bringing innovative projects to fruition: according to sociologists of innovation, the intrinsic characteristics of innovation are not enough; it is essential to interest a growing number of varied intermediaries. One of the major difficulties of young people is precisely to highlight and value their innovative ideas so that they can cross their paths either to a transfer of knowledge or technology to industry or to the creation of a company.


The students of the Higher Institutes of Technological Studies do not escape this difficulty. For the past twenty years that ISETs have been actively contributing to youth training efforts, many innovative ideas and interesting solutions for industry have been developed without their realization and commercialization became ignored. Working in their own corner, the results of the work of the students and teachers of the 25 institutes are not even known by the other members of the network.


To overcome this lack of visibility on one side and to further promote the culture of creativity, was born the initiative to organize “The National Festival of Higher Institutes of Technological Studies”. Its main ambition is to provide a framework for young people’s talents to express themselves and to be valued. It also aims to create a positive synergy between members of the ISETs network by developing interaction and sharing and by bringing out and promoting good ideas.


The festival took three days in the first week of May, 2016. It was rich in activities with scientific debates, conferences and competitions. NF-HITS was a big opportunity to thrive the network between the young leaders and the different actor and stakeholders of the Tunisian ecosystem.


The main activities were:


1. Conferences and Work-shop:


The main themes that was addressed were:

The generation of innovative ideas: techniques and processes.

The funding of innovative projects.

The valuation of innovation: obstacles and perspectives.


2. Competitions:

Three competitions was scheduled:


A: Competition of the best innovative ideas

B: Competition of the best projects in progress or valuation

C: Competition of the best projects realized or valued


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